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Becky Brown, Owner

Amy Carlton, Owner

When people ask me about my life I start by telling them that I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. And I was. Except that spoon wasn't new to me. My parents didn't receive it as a   gift or purchase it at the local jewelry store. It was found under an old house in Kansas. My Mother and Daddy loved antiques and digging for junk (or treasures as I later would see).


When I was 17, I began buying and selling antiques and collectibles. It was how I made extra cash. But little did I know that it was in my blood and it would become a lifelong love.


As a child, many hours were spent standing in the dirt, heat pounding down as the auctioneer's voice mesmerized. He held up the most random yet amazing things. I remember thinking that something was too cheap or too expensive. I was intrigued. I was curious. I began to love and appreciate "junk" and so it all began.


I had an antique store on Main Street in Grand Junction for 30 years. While it saddened me to close its doors, I was excited to get into a new business...the estate liquidation business. It has been a wonderful adventure and am now lucky enough to work side-by-side with my daughter, Amy. It is a business we have worked hard at and our reputation reflects it. I have had the privilege to help many families in this town. As 3rd generation Grand Junction native, these are families that I have known for years. People that I attended school with or that my Mother played bridge with on Saturdays. I have liquidated estates for families that were founding members of this community who had homes full of beautiful antiques and rarities. I have also been lucky enough to help liquidate homes of families that were new to the area and began with modern decor. Both I enjoy. I simply love meeting new faces and hearing their stories. This passion for junking has become much more.


I have to admit, however, that before the business comes my wonderful family. I have a daughter that you will also meet here. I am very proud of her accomplishments and her desire to take this business to greater heights. I also have a very talented son named Braden who is a horse vet in Fruita. He has achieved such great things in this field. I couldn't be prouder.


The loves of my life are my grandchildren. I have five grandsons (Raleigh 16, Reese 16, Grant 16, Miles 13, and Becket 10). They are my everything and often help Grandma. You may just see one or all of their handsome faces at a sale. They love to jump right and in and help. Perhaps it's in their blood, too.

Hi, my name is Amy and I am no stranger to antiques, collecting, and homes full of knick-knacks, treasures, and more. I grew up in this business and love it. My Grandma had a beautiful home, but it was brimming with "stuff" that I learned was unique and special to her for many reasons. The home I grew up in was the same. I began learning about antiques and their value from the time I could talk. Hours were spent in my family's antique store and I learned to appreciate all the beauty it held. Today I am so happy to be sharing my knowledge, helping families who are liquidating their loved ones' homes.


Before I jumped into the estate liquidation business with both feet, I attended Colorado Mesa University for 9 years. My area of study includes Public Relations, Marketing, Journalism, Graphic Design, and English. After graduation, I held the position of Marketing Director for a very successful publishing company, as well as a Public Relations Assistant for St. Mary's Hospital. 

I am a 4th generation Grand Junction native and I love the people of this valley. My contacts are many and I cherish each one. I have three beautiful boys ages 11, 14, and 18. They are already helping Mom and love this business. As a family, we enjoy the many things this area has to offer, including fly fishing, camping, mountain biking, skiing, and more. 

My job is my passion. I find myself getting close to each family I meet and I've met many friends through this amazing journey. While each situation is unique, they all are the same in that they involve family, careers, travel, love, loss, hard times, easy times, fun times...a story that only belongs to them. This I love. It's the fiber that makes up this beautiful life we live. I am lucky enough to be a part of so many stories. Each one is just as special to me as the next and I do my very best to provide a service to ensure that the family is comfortable with this next chapter. Everyone deserves that!

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