On-Line Estate Sales


The year 2020 has thrown us all some curveballs. After the news of COVID, Amy and Becky immediately began thinking of ways to liquidate. We had many clients needing an estate sale and we just didn't want to let them down. So, we created an ONLINE ESTATE SALE page where we could list each item in an estate, assign a description and price, and then offer it to our many customers.

We understand that you are looking at Great American Estate Sales and Services because it is your goal to liquidate the home, while receiving the most amount of money possible for its content. That is our goal too!

In-Home Estate Sales


This means we do an estate liquidation in your home. Once you have moved, our team will wash, tag, and price items. We will then hold an estate sale on a Friday and Saturday. Through a qreat deal of advertising and online marketing, our estate sales are attended very, very well. Often, there are approximately 200 or more people in line. 


Other Services


We offer many services other than estate sales. These services include:


  • Appraisals

  • Estate Inventories

  • Document Search

  • Estate Distributions

  • Estate Clean-Up (without having a sale)


We are also very lucky to be partnering with some amazing businesses in this area and would be happy to offer a referral for:


  • Real Estate

  • Senior Services

  • Trash Removal

  • Personal Property Donation

  • Home Cleaning

  • Dog/Pet Re-Homing

  • More



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