Whether we are hired because you are settling the estate of a deceased loved one or are simply just downsizing, our company is ready to partner with you. We cherish each and every one of the banks, estate planing attorneys, realtors, and families that put their trust in us. When we are hired to liquidate an estate, we become a team with whoever has hired our company. And ultimately we become friends. Togehter, we can successfully manage a job that is not always an easy one.


Take a look at what some of our "new" friends had to say.

Stefin McCargar

Client - Seattle, Washington


​Dear Amy and the team at Great American Estate Sales, 


Honestly, I can't thank you enough. You went above and beyond in your care and handling of my father's estate sale. From the very beginning to the very last end, and every tiny detail in between, I felt cared for and taken care of. ​Knowing that I was in such good hands during a fragile and grief filled time was worth its weight in gold.


Trust. That's what you gave to me.


You also know how to bring on a really fantastic sale and bring in the customers. What a great sale!  I especially appreciate the extra time and thoughtfulness you took to donating the remaining items.


So a very heartfelt thank you to Amy and her people!!


Please don't hesitate to phone or email me if someone would like a personal recommendation from me.

Paul and Ann Been

Customers - Grand Junction, CO


We first met Becky at her antique store on Main Street in Grand Junction in 1991. She provided then an appraisal of my Mother-In-Law's antiques, which we had inherited. She was right on target for the insurance appraisal of the items. Since then we have attended numberous Great American Estate Sales in town and out of town (believe me, it was worth the drive!).


Through the years, we have purchased 7 pieces of wicker furniture for our sunroom, an antique glass cupboard for our dining room, Gorham sterling silverware to complete our service, a wrought iron bed for our guest room, an entertainment center, china, pottery, appliances...and don't even ask me about my husband's vast collection of tools that he is still adding to! Not once has an item purchased been a disappointment!


Amy is a delight to see each week as she greets us with a smile and a hug. Both Amy and Becky are professional, but also warm and friendly to all their "guests."


We look forward to the next sale....

Sean and Yvette Campeau

Clients - Roseville, California


After noticing how overwhelmed my wife I were with the organization of our deceased parents’ property, some friends recommended hiring an estate sale company. One friend specifically mentioned Great American Estate Sales, who we contacted immediately. As soon as we met their associates we were put at ease. Their team took the entire burden from our shoulders; organizing, cleaning, advertising and preparing for a mind blowing estate sale. They did the research necessary to properly price unfamiliar items and even contacted specific buyers/markets who would be interested in specialty items.


Their inundation of local advertising resulted in the arrival of what looked like a giant block party at the crack of dawn on the day of the sale. Thanks to a deliciously unexpected food-truck and Girl-Scouts selling cookies the entire event seemed more like a festival than a typical garage-sale. 


Not only did Great American Estate do a fantastic job liquidating unnecessary clutter, but they created a wonderful, organized environment full of smiling faces and pleasant attitude. By the time the entire project was complete everyone seemed exceedingly pleased.


Thank you Becky, Amy, and the entire crew for helping us out so much during a time when our resources were uncomfortably sparse. You really made the difference between success and the madness that would have surely overtaken us.


Keep up the great work. Keep making a difference.

Rebecca R.

Estate Attorney - Denver, Colorado


Great American Estate Sales gets 5 STARS in my book!


I've worked with them on several estates and the work they put into each one always exceeds my expectations. We have referred many messy homes, yet after working their magic, Great American Estate Sales obtained far more money than we ever imagined.


They are the "go-to" estate sale company on the Western Slope. 


Client - Grand Junction, Colorado


Dear Amy and Becky, 


Thanks so much for a GREAT sale! You are both awesome and I have already recommended you to several people.



Thanks again, 


Adam Cochran
Client - Grand Junction, Colorado


I worked closely with Great American Estate Sales after the death of a close friend. I have gone to estate sales in this area since I was a little boy (I’m 44) and knew exactly who to have help us through our overwhelming situation.

GAES is wonderful. They understand the fair market value of everything and their experience means that the entire process is efficient. Their secret sauce is in the details. They approach everything with respect for the details that matter to both the buyer and seller.

By the end of the sale, their entire team was like family to us. I am so grateful for all their hard work behind the scenes that made it such a great sale. We even made more money than we expected!!
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